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Glassbox and JXInsight

I have heard about JXInsight a couple of months ago, and since then I was eagerly waiting for the moment I’ll get to it. Last night, with a bit of energy left after a long day, I have remembered about it and I thought: “maybe this is the right moment”. I have quickly passed through the homepage (which definitely looks interesting in terms of features) looking for a download. I have found the 5.5-RC1 and got it installed on my machine. When all this was done, I have started to look around to what’s next. And unfortunately I couldn’t find any good documentation about what am I supposed to do. The site doc links to a blog, where, even if there are various entries, none is close to being a decent user guide/step-by-step/up to speed intro. I have double checked the installation, and there was no documentation their either. Maybe I should use the examples… I have to confess that unfortunately, I had to give up as my energy was finished before figuring out what’s next. In conclusion, I’ve been quite disappointed that after a very cool homepage intro there was nothing to get me started (even if I have spent a couple of hours). Or maybe I was just missing the obvious?

Speaking about JXInsight features, I have remembered about Glassbox: an open source project created by my friend Ron Bodkin. In fact at some moment in time, I have spent quite a few weeks understanding the internals of the app and figuring out and suggesting some improvements. Now, Glassbox is in 2.0 RC1, and I hope the guys have addressed all the problems, because the product looks really interesting. And you know what? It comes with a decent User guide! Not to mention that it is open source, so at any moment, you can just stick your nose into code and figure out how is working.

I am wondering if others have any experience with these tools and if they are up to recommending something.

Update I have started to gather JXInsight documentation.

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