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Google BDD presentation missing TestNG

I’ve been watching an excellent presentation done by Dave Astels at Google: Beyond Test Driven Development: Behavior Driven Development (hope you heard of BDD – not like in body dysmorphic disorder, but as in Dan North’s Behavior Driven Development). I know that googlers are very secretive about their work and environment, but I was kind of puzzled that nobody really mentioned TestNG when talking about better unit testing with JUnit4. Hope this is only due to the privacy policy inside Google and not because they haven’t heard of it (which would definitely be really weird).


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My Eclipse code-folding plugin

I will probably have to start with some apologies for letting you guys wait so long for the plugin I have announced in a couple of previous posts, but (as you probably already know the excuse) I’ve been very busy lately.
However in order to keep things short: here is the download link. It is not a real release, but the version I’ve been tweaking for a while and I am currently using. There are still problems with it, but most of the time it works (or at least using another programmer excuse: it works for me [smile/]). Please give it a try and let me know.


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