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Shameless self plug

Recently DZone has published an interview with me on Groovy and TestNG

Same day they’ve also published an interview with my good friend Venkat. Last time we’ve met we have come out with a set of improvements for Groovy that we both hope to get included as soon as possible

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CouchDB moving to Java… no, but FeatherDB is here

I am not sure if you got the April’s 1st CouchDB announcement:

So, after a lot of heated discussion internally, I’m somewhat sad to say that Erlang will not be used in future releases of CouchDB. We are switching the whole codebase to (…drumroll..) Java.

I don’t know how many have fallen for it (must confess that even if I am an easy target this one didn’t work for me), but reading something like this on April 1st is not always trustworthy.

However, a couple of days later a part of the announcement is becoming reality: FeatherDB – Java JSON Document database

According to the post:

FeatherDB was my attempt at a Java clone of CouchDB.


There were a few things about the way CouchDB handles documents that I didn’t like, so FeatherDB does things a little bit differently.

You should check the original post as it contains a lot of more details about what and how FeatherDB does and how it is comparing with CouchDB

Posted by: Alex Popescu (aka the_mindstorm) (see twitbits)

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