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The QCon London 2009 Week

It is once again the time for QCon London and you might know that this is already the 3rd year in a row we are organizing the event (and indeed, there is a QCon San Francisco for our friends on that side of the world).

I know I may be accused of being subjective (as I am one of the InfoQ co-founders which is the co-organizer of the event), but people that know me and those that have participated at least once at QCon will know that what I’m going to write stands true.

QCon is the event that will provide at least 2 things: the opportunity to learn something new (there are a lot of different tracks — you can find the ones for this year here) and the best opportunity to connect with renowned experts in various fields.

You might wonder why I do think that QCon is better than other events to connect with people. The reason is that most of the people participating at QCon (speakers included) are spending their time at the conference (as opposed to just flying in, delivering the presentation and leaving), correlated with the fact that the conference is not , plus the venue, plus the parties will offer you enough time to get to these guys. All you need to do is just come and have the guts to walk to whoever you want to meet and say Hi!

I really hope that next year you will be here and you’ll just say Hi (well, leave aside the fact that I don’t consider myself some sort of guru, I’d still appreciate it).


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