Code reviews and tools (plugins) that may help

After reading Cedric‘s post on Code reviews I remembered that I have used an Eclipse plugin that helped me doing code reviews: Jupiter (I have even submitted at that time some patches [blink/]). As far as I know the plugin is continuously improved so if you are in need for something like this go and get it a try.
Another nice Eclipse plugin that might help with code reviews is Mylar even if its intention is not exactly this one.



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3 responses to “Code reviews and tools (plugins) that may help

  1. Adam Jordens

    If you’re a FishEye user, there’s also Crucible (not publicly available, but there is beta) available.

    I talked to the guys at JavaOne and left quite impressed after their demo.

  2. Anonymous

    I also talked to the Crucible guys at JavaOne, and was equally impressed.


  3. Steve Brown

    Blatant product pitch: We at Smart Bear Software have been making code review tools for four years. We just completed the largest-ever case study on lightweight code review, done with the developers at Cisco. You can read this study and find lots of other information in our free book, available at

    Visit for more information about our flagship tool, Code Collaborator. It’s a tool that assists with lightweight code reviews by integrating with version control and showing side-by-side views of changes that everyone can comment on and open defect for. It’s easy to upload files because of the integration, and it’s easy to track reviews and conversations. Plus it lets reviews verify that fixes really are fixes before or after code is checked into version control.

    Steve Brown
    Smart Bear Software

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