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Did you Know that…

Did you know that the iPhone doesn’t allow background applications?

I know this sounds unbelievable, but 3rd party apps are really not allowed to run in background. You can ask Google to verify it.

Did you know that the Amazon EC2 filesystem was temporary?

As pointed in a previous post, the Amazon EC2 was not offering a persistent local filesystem and you had to use some smart setup using Amazon S3. Anyways, this is fixed now, as Amazon launched the Elastic Block Store.

Did you know that the iPhone doesn’t support Copy&Paste?

Wicked, ha? There is an open source initiative (OpenClip) to get this one fixed. Unfortunately, I am not sure that Apple will embrace it and so the Apple apps like Safari, email, and SMS, where copy&paste is really needed, will still miss it.

Do you know any other such wicked facts?

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