From now on

The last couple of days have found me posting a couple of very different things on this blog. This made me think that I should try to keep things more simple and much more cleaner. I must confess that I don’t think that mixed model will really work. Neither for me, nor for my readers.

Finally, I have decided to keep this blog for technical related posts, plus those few personal entries. Everything related to business, online activities and research, including the .ro space interactions are going to happen on my biz mindstorms blog.

So far, I’ve been pulling here most of my technology related posts and I am planning to move away those posts that do not closely fall into this category (but I’ll have to figure out how to redirect those links). 

If you look at the sidebar, you will notice that I haven’t been a very active blogger, but you don’t really know when this is happening. I do believe in simplicity and I hope this new ‘model’ will work out a bit better.


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