All this Twitter ?!?

I’ll start by saying that I loved reading about Twitter story, history and architecture. It looks like those guys have been through a lot :-).
However, I must confess that I still don’t get it… I know a lot of people talking about it (still, I’m not sure they are using it), I’m hearing that a lot of people are using it, but I still don’t get it. I’m wondering if somebody would be able to explain it to me (man, doesn’t this sound really stupid? :)).

Posted by: Alex Popescu (aka the_mindstorm)



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3 responses to “All this Twitter ?!?

  1. Hi Alex,

    maybe this post might interest you :



  2. go make yourself an account, go follow like 20 active twitterers and get yourself a desktop client for it.
    you’ll pretty soon understand what it’s all about – a weird yet addictive creation at the boundary of blog, IM and chat/irc.

  3. Alex Popescu (aka the_mindstorm)

    @John: Thanks. I’ll read it.
    @Alex: Done that already… but I still don’t get it :-). And I wouldn’t say I have communication problems or not being a web person, but ….



    .w( the_mindstorm )p.

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