Google BDD presentation missing TestNG

I’ve been watching an excellent presentation done by Dave Astels at Google: Beyond Test Driven Development: Behavior Driven Development (hope you heard of BDD – not like in body dysmorphic disorder, but as in Dan North’s Behavior Driven Development). I know that googlers are very secretive about their work and environment, but I was kind of puzzled that nobody really mentioned TestNG when talking about better unit testing with JUnit4. Hope this is only due to the privacy policy inside Google and not because they haven’t heard of it (which would definitely be really weird).


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  1. Anonymous

    He said ‘TDD is bullshit’ in his presentation slides. I’ll just wait 3-4 more years and he will have another presentation that says ‘BDD is bullshit’, only that time his beard would be grey.

    It’s all just too obvious
    1 dude thinks of an idea
    2 dude comes up with new toy
    3 dude spread the words
    4 dude thinks of another idea
    5 dude disses old toy
    6 goto 2

    Funny when he was asked about the problem between size and length, lol, ‘oh, rite, dang, we haven’t thought about that’.

    I don’t really like these things with making programming language more like English.
    E.g. starbucks.should.not.equal.crap

    It may be easier for English speakers, but it’s going to be a problem for those who don’t speak English. At the very least, it won’t be any difference because to them they’re just words typed in a certain order.

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