My Eclipse code-folding plugin

I will probably have to start with some apologies for letting you guys wait so long for the plugin I have announced in a couple of previous posts, but (as you probably already know the excuse) I’ve been very busy lately.
However in order to keep things short: here is the download link. It is not a real release, but the version I’ve been tweaking for a while and I am currently using. There are still problems with it, but most of the time it works (or at least using another programmer excuse: it works for me [smile/]). Please give it a try and let me know.



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4 responses to “My Eclipse code-folding plugin

  1. silversk8r

    finally real code folding for eclipse. Could you make a version that makes this type of folding available for other editor windows, not just for java? I would like to have this code folding when working with php files.

  2. Alex Popescu (aka the_mindstorm)

    Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible (at least not with the current source code). Moreover, I can confess that I am not very “interested” in this new feature; but as I mentioned before if someone is interested to jump in and take care of the source code then just let me know ;-).


    .w( the_mindstorm )p.

  3. rino

    I didn’t manage to get the “User defined regions” working… is it broken? If not, it would be useful if you posted a screenshot of a piece of java code with it…

  4. Pacurariu Claudiu

    This is the best code folding plugin. Although this is not the place to explain how to install a plugin, I want to add a little howto for beginners. So, after you extract the contents of the archive containing the plugin into the plugins directory of your Eclipse installation (ex: C:\Eclipse\plugins\), you should start Eclipse. Then access the Window->Preferences menu, and select the PHP->Editor->Folding option. You’ll find there a checkbox which allows you to enable/disable the code folding plugin. When I installed the plugin it was disabled by default.
    Thanks Alex, your plugin is great!

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