Eclipse code-folding plugin: Coffee-Bytes

In a previous post I was talking about some small changes I have applied to one of the first OSS projects I was a core developer and committer: Coffee-Bytes. After that post, I have received quite a few messages expressing their interest in this plugin and the changes I have done to make it work with Eclipse 3.2.

Lately I have been very busy (speaking at JavaZone and JAOO) and I haven’t been able to do much about it. Still, on this project we were two developers, so before doing anything I will have to discuss these details and see what are the options. However, I promise I will keep everybody interested posted.



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5 responses to “Eclipse code-folding plugin: Coffee-Bytes

  1. Anonymous

    Would you please consider publishing the full post to the RSS feed? In blogger it’s under Settings/Site Feed. It’s just much more convenient.

  2. Richard Pawson

    Please add me to your update list – I’m desperate for a proper user-defined folding capability in Eclipse. It’s the ONLY thing I miss from working in .Net languages on Visual Studio.

    As Dan Haywood ( 8th March 2006) has so elegantly pointed out (folding) regions are about much more than just developer convenience. Used properly (as we did on the DSFA project) they encourage you to organise an object’s source code according to the high level responsibilities that object fulfills.

    Richard Pawson – Naked Objects Group
    rpawson [at]

  3. Dan Haywood

    Can I third that request… as Richard says, folding is a real boon to figuring out a class’ responsibilities.

    (One day it’d be nice too to combine with a JavaBeans view, akin to


  4. R.J. Lorimer

    Hi Everyone – Eclipse 3.2 support is available, and we’ve moved the plug-in to Google Code for future development.
    See this blog entry for more information:

  5. Alex Popescu (aka the_mindstorm)

    Sometimes I am quite bad: this one should work.


    .w( the_mindstorm )p.

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