Daily Archives: August 11, 2006

TestNG gets a full book chapter

I was happy to discover that TestNG is now covered in a full chapter of the book Beginning POJOs by Brian Sam-Bodden.

The author puts aside JUnit, and introduces the reader to TestNG concepts. After a concise intro, the author builds more complex tests integrating DbUnit and EasyMock (as you may already know EasyMock 2 is already JUnit-free; in previous posts I have started posting ideas about a JUnit-free JMock).

Regarding the examples provided in the book, I have a single remark: having in mind that building a Hibernate SessionFactory is considered an expensive operation, I would use other mechanisms from TestNG that may help running the tests more quickly (by guaranteeing that the SessionFactory is created/initialized only once): @BeforeGroup (guaranteed to run once before a named group of tests), @BeforeTest (which is guaranteed to run once before the tests) or @BeforeSuite (running once before the whole suite).



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