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My secret is not anymore a secret…. InfoQ the uber-community site is live

People out there that happen to know me, either by being a committer on different open source projects or by being a former colleague, have noticed that I was really quiet during the last months. And I guess it was a good reason for this: I have been working with an wonderfull team to set up a new community site or as I call it the ├╝ber-community site: InfoQ.
I know that things I will say may sound subjective, but trust me as a technologist and also an avid reader: this will be a place that you will really enjoy to visit and read. We have some cool features that we know are unique and our main focus is on our readers. I know that almost every site coming up may have the same slogans, but check out our initial set of features presented by the other co-founder of InfoQ: Floyd Marinescu (who, I guess everybody knows, have a tremendous experience when speaking about the technology community). Check also the the About us page to see our developement team and editors and I am sure that you will already have a measure of what our intentions are.
The team of InfoQ is a team of perfectionists when speaking about serving well the clients, and having in mind that we consider as our clients all the technology people out there, we decided to be frank with all of you: we are still in an unlaunched phase (or as others call it beta phase). We have plenty things to improve and for this we need your feedback. That’s why we have an open bug/feature/suggestion list opened at bugs[at]infoq[dot]com and everything that will come in will be analysed by our team.
Let me know how do you feel about it and what do you think we can improve to become the place you are passionate about.



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