JUnit 4.0

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3 responses to “JUnit 4.0

  1. Rei3ner

    ad 3:
    my javadoc for Annotation Test
    looks quite different:
    expected timeout
    are the only methods provided.

    I never hered about hte others.
    currently i’m about to find out
    how to organize tests
    in a treelike structure
    like Testsuites…
    still no idea.


  2. Afroz

    Find I could not find RepeatedTest in JUnit4.2 also.

    Is it TODO for JUnit?


  3. Hemant

    I wrote a bunch of test classes ( almost 15 each with over 15 test methods) and then i thought I will write a test suite. Only to find out that Junit4.0 has no test suites :(. The work around is tedious when I have to add the method to include junit4.0 in all the 15 classes. Is there some other better way

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