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TestNG and IDE support

During the last months, while developing TestNG, I have read and also received lots of comments about the lack of support for TestNG in the most used IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans). I have put some of my spare time into developing a plugin for Eclipse (by the way it is working great, and the features are quite nice [blink/]). I’ve had intentions to do the same for Idea, but I cannot see how I can develop a plugin with the Plugin Development Package.
Why? That 14Megs download contains 45Megs javadocs, which are mostly empty. I don’t have any document describing which way to go. And those 6 examples are little toys. While the Eclipse API is really huge, I was able to find valid javadoc comments, lots of examples and even some good books (not to mention the fact that developing with Eclipse means learning SWT/JFace). I also know about the support site, but I usually go to this kind of places to ask important/specific questions, and not <<Please help…>> ones.
I keep my interest open to support TestNG in Idea, but for the moment this seems to me quite impossible.

Disclaimer: this post is by no means meant to upset IntelliJ IDEA‘s developers. It is only my short experience while trying to develop a plugin.



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