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GMail – Don’t throw anything away

Log in to your GMail account and than logout. Just look attentively at this message paragraph: Don’t throw anything away. 2054.350xxxx megabytes (and counting). Exceptional!!!

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NetBeans 4.1B – no multiple outdirs (yet)

Before installing Eclipse 3.1M6 milestone, I have played a little more with NetBeans. Next on my list were two important features I almost always need: multiple source directories with multiple output directories and various CVS access types.
While I was able to create multiple source directories immediately, I couldn’t find a way to specify for each of them an output dir. Even if I have a project with my custom Ant build, NetBeans keeps on building all my classes into a build/classes dir under nbproject.
If anyone can point me to the right direction, this would be great. (tia).
Another thing that seemed to me pretty annoying was that after configuring multiple source directories Netbeans kept asking me the classpath for each source dir. But, I assume this is used for generating a javac task in the build.xml.
I think what I would really like to read now is some insights on the Netbeans project management and how it is using Ant. Maybe some of you already got this document/link and could share it with me. tia again.

Update: pls read attentively Jesse’s comment on this entry. Insights from an “insider” [blink/].


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