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Good feeling with NetBeans

I haven’t been in a good working mood this evening. Waiting for Eclipse 3.1M6 to come out, but I guess tomorrow I will have it from a Ro FTP mirror.
So, remembering an old promise, I’ve jumped to NetBeans 4.1 beta.
The download is half of the size of Eclipse download (44M vs. 95M), the installation is smooth and … here it is. Starting it with the default parameters (conf/netbeans.conf: -J-Xms32m -J-Xmx128m -J-XX:PermSize=32m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=96m -J-Xverify:none), NetBeans came up very quickly and even more… usable. I’ve started to have a good feeling about it.
I have found an import Eclipse project plugin, tried it with 2 or 3 projects and it worked nicely. Even better feelings. Than I was looking for various things I like in Eclipse (some of the views, code formatter, abbreviations). Some of them are there, others I couldn’t find yet. I miss the multiple key shortcuts in some places, but I can get used with Netbean’s ones. Being a customer of Jalopy (Hi Marco!), I didn’t feel so bad without an advanced code formatter, but I think it would be necessary.
The next step: understand the way NetBeans manages projects. It is completely based on Ant. Either you write down your own – this allowing you to have a very customized project structure, or it will generate you one. Than you can trigger IDE actions like (Build, Run,) by associating the action with an Ant target. I haven’t gonne to far with this yet, but I am sure I will, cause I’ve started to like it.
For the moment, this is all. No advanced features yet. The next day I will try to do my development with it just to get more in the mood.
Ah, not to forget. Thanks Petr Jiricka. You were right [blink/].

I got the feeling I know how I can do something in return for NetBeans, but I got to talk to Cedric firstly (my readers would probably imagine what I am thinking of [he-he/]).



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