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Eclipse TestNG plugin public availability

A few days ago we have announced on the TestNG MLs the release candidate of the TestNG-Eclipse plugin.
Today, Cedric and myself are very pleased to announce the general public availability of the TestNG Eclipse plugin (in fact this post was meant for yesterday but I was not able to publish it).
It can be downloaded from:

Now the official announcement:

Hi all!
The TestNG team is pleased to announce (and distribute also ;-)) the first version of TestNG Eclipse plugin.

1/ TestNG View (Window -> Show View -> Other -> Java -> TestNG) featuring
– the Red-Green Bar
– test results statistics
– hierarchical test results presentation
– failures stack traces presentation.

2/ TestNG Launcher (Run … -> TestNG) featuring
– browse and run a TestNG enabled test class
– browse and run groups defined in the project tests
– browse and run suites

3/ Contextual TestNG Launcher (Right Click -> Run) featuring:
– run class as TestNG test
– run type as TestNG test
– run method as TestNG test
– run suite as TestNG test

The current version is working with Eclipse 3.1M5 (and probably 3.1M4).

Your feedback is welcome (and needed). Enjoy!

TestNG Team

You can see a set of nice snapshots on Cedric’s announcement.

We hope that this release will bring more pleasure on your experience with TestNG.


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