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Eclipse trick: Custom getter-setter [UPDATED]

The trick I have found for custom getters/setters in Eclipse seemed very nice.
I would like to add more on this: the prefix and suffix accepts a comma separated list of strings that will be ignored by the generator. Wow … very very neat.

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… the best ORM in the world (on Gavin’s interview)

I just finished reading the Gavin King‘s interview published on Javafree.com.br. I am using Hibernate for quite a while and I must say I am very happy with it. I have even taken a look (not so deep) to the upcomming Hibernate3, but I still found myself unable to say:

The Hibernate3 core (currently in alpha) is the most powerful ORM engine in the world – and it will take a little while for others to catch up.

, when I know that

Um, traditionally, no, we did not pay that much attention – I was much more comfortable being guided by request from users, than by “what the other guys got”.

Even if Gavin and Hibernate have always had their fanatics(*) [smile/], I am wondering if

However, more recently, we have done some feature-by-feature competitive evaluations of the two leading commercial ORM solutions, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

was done the same way the Microsoft vs IBM solution comparison was done. I haven’t seen the results published anywhere and I am wondering which are those 2 leading solutions that have been compaired. I have seen the same statements coming from the TopLink team so I will not jump to a conclusion so quickly and I will wait to read at least the comparison results.
On the same direction I have found out that the guys/companies developing non-RDBMS solutions would have to leave their business:

How do you see alternatives to relational databases, like XML and OO databases, or Prevayler?
We don’t see them 😉

I will give credit to the [blink/] in the end of the sentence and hope that not every other solution will stop their existance and just jump into the RDBMS field immediately.
When SUN has announced the initiative to create a common spec out of JDO and EJB3 I was wondering which will be the future of JDO. Gavin’s opinion is

We don’t see any future for JDO.

, but I am thinking that this future will be the same for Hibernate 2 users as for JDO users. Gavin’s feelings about JDO have been expressed also on some other occasions. What is Craig Russell’s opinion on this?
Finally, I find myself asking if Gavin expressed his true feelings on these or rather it was a somehow furious interview?

Disclaimer: do not consider the bad meaning of fanatic word.



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