Daily Archives: October 22, 2004

Netbeans … what’s that?

This morning I have received a proudly announcement about the early availability of Netbeans 4.1. Wow, stop for a moment and read again. Oh yes, 4.1. I think the guys feel how they are missing their targets and how far behind they are against the other competitors and I guess they decided to recover this by launching numbers. Yes indeed, numbers. Netbeans 4.0 is not yet out and they already announce a 4.1.
I don’t consider this a bad strategy (take for example Eclipse which is very dynamic about their releases, or even IntelliJ IDEA), but do not forget that they have praised this release for about 1 year. I guess that, between the lines, we can read: “Hey guys we have missed it again. Don’t bother for 4.0 as we already realized there will be soon a 4.1. Go for that one instead.”



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