Feelings from the (Apache) Forrest!

In my search for generating project documentation I have reached a forrest (thanks to an anonymous suggestion). Right now, I am returning from some 2 hours wandering in the forrest… Apache Forrest. The walk seemed interesting, with fresh air (other types of site organization and skins) and with the trees and flowers I like all over (xdoc based documentation source, Ant based process, XSL transformations). But, unfortunatelly not completely relaxing. After figuring out the paths, I have tried to customize my way (customize the site look), but with no real success. Much of the indicators (custom properties – like colors, headers) are in place but are pointing to dead-ends (the corresponding XSL fragments are either not working or they are missing completely). I sat for a moment in the first clearing I have found and I was thinking that with all this beauties around maybe it would be great to continue. I just came out for a moment to tell you that I am not yet lost!
This was my first metaphoric walk in the Apache Forrest. I will go deeper into its XSLTs and I will be back with a more technical description. Maybe I will try some more uptodate version (even if it is a night build).

Generating documentation series:

PS:I hope that by now you have already realized that I am far away from a web developer so for me hacking into html, css and alike is unfortunately quite a killer.


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