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What should I index for you today???

I feel very sorry that I must come again to this subject but my anger has grown in the last hours. The product under discussion is indeed Google Desktop Search, and all of this just because there is a lot of movement around it. The download page states that Google Desktop Search will index for you Outlook/Outlook Express mail, AOL IM, IE, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and text. Wow… a lot of file types! Let’s see: should I index your Outlook mails? Nope… I use Mozilla. Should I index your AOL IM? Nope… I use GAIM (he he – I am gonna trick you as GAIM saves discussion as text files). Should I index your IE? Ahhh… nope again. I am using Firefox. Should I index for you Powerpoint, Excel and Word? Ahhh nope, there is no need for these as I have about 2 ppts, and maybe 10 docs. Now I guess I should ask the program: Are you able to index my mbox mails? ahhh, sorry no. Are you able to index my PDFs? ahhh, sorry no. Hmmm, I think you cannot help me. Damn, and everybody is screaming about you! What is all this buzz about???

Update: I think I have found an usage for it: index my 1GB of java sources. At least this I can take from him.


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MBox and Google Desktop Search

I will start by saying something similar to what Cedric said yesterday about Google Desktop Search: sorry to blog about it. I am only posting this to complain about the decision to scan only Outlook and Outlook Express mails. I am not very sure why this solution, but I must find a way to correct this (maybe at some later time the scanner will support this too).
For the moment I think that the only solution is to copy mbox files – which are in fact plain text files (ehhh, with some formatting indeed) – under some name with txt extension. Than you will have Google Desktop Search indexing these files too. The next step will be to find a way to refer only the mail and not the entire file (a mbox file keeps all mails in a folder). If you feel like having any ideas just let me know – I really need this.

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