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dtoGen 0.5.1

A have just release the new version of dtoGen™ which is only a minor bug fix in the building process. This was reported by one of dtoGen™ early users.
I am planning to a 0.6 which will bring some new features into scene, but for the moment I will keep the surprise (still working on ’em [smile/]).
Update: fresmeat.net announcement


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Optimistical AOP

A few weeks ago a long discussion took place on the AOP is not here subject. Now, Bruce Tate expresses his leap of insight. In big lines, but with more style and tact than me, Bruce suggests that we must try it before saying it is not here. I agree with you Bruce! Every piece of good technology must be tried and given a chance before puting the stamp on it or screaming out it is not here.

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Maven (bad) experience

I am feeling that I must write down this. As I was saying yesterday I convinced myself to give a chance to Maven for its site and/or xdoc goals. After passing through a number of files and looking into some CVS projects on my harddrive I have succeeded in creating the project.xml (the POM – in my mother language this means tree [blink/]). Continuing on the same tracks I have written also my maven.xml and some little xml-s for my documentation. Till now nothing too difficult.
I start playing with the colors for the site and after a while when I felt confortable with it I have tried to move the new colors to the xdoc properties (this task consumed me a lot because I can say I am pretty blind when it comes to web design and also web colors). And here comes the surprise: after matching the CSS classes to the property names and running again nothing happened. I have checked again the documentation and for a while I have tried to fix this, but no chance. Now I find myself stareing at it and keep asking: what is going on????


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