Error recovery parsing

The last weeks I have spent some time working (in fact, to be realistic, I was just scratching some problems) on the code folding plugin Coffee-Bytes for Eclipse. (I start loving the code folding idea a long time ago, since the first usage of JEdit – if I remember well, and for a long time I was wondering why so many editors do not use this feature. But about this maybe other time).
The current investigations are for an error recovering parser. What I mean by this? A parser that is able to continue parsing (and maybe even return the broken nodes skeletons) after a failure (an unrecognized structure, a structure not according to the grammar).
I have some backgrounds on writting parsers (using JavaCC and ANTLR), but till now I have written only parsers that abort the operation on the first error. Moreover, this time I have to rely the parsing on Eclipse support. This job seems pretty interesting, but as you probably know all the documentation I have is the javadocs. So I would like to hear from you any ideas how such a parsing must work.


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  1. Anonymous

    You might start by asking this question on the Antlr mailing list. There is some support in Antlr to help out with this and there’s a lot more coming in v3.0. Anyways, you’ll likely get a lot more help from people who have done this sort of thing.

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