the wise men voices were listened in the SUN (updated)

Seems that (once again (?)) the guys at SUN listened to the many voices out there talking about an independent persistence solution that will unify JDO and persistence inside containers (EJB).
I have wondered from the beginning why persistence inside a container should be different from persistence everywhere. Moreover, I have wonderer why at some point it was decided that 2 gangs must dispute about the best solution in persistence (and a 3rd one win :-)).
Now what is left is to assure that the solution will not be another unusable spec. So good luck guys and put the best of you inside this spec.

It is interesting to see that many people consider that any persistent object must go to a RDBMS. Guys, wake up! Persistence is by no means equivalent with ORM. Persisting entities does not mean JDBC. Maybe persistance to RDBMS represents a large percent of the available solutions, but taking into account the legacy systems we must consider the other solutions/options too.
Having a common spec for persistence will improve/ease our solutions.

This interview with Craig Russell and Rick Cattell (pdf link) clarifies a lot of the fog floating around.


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