Nice entries for AOP world

Today I have found two blog entries very interesting for the people playing or working or evaluating AOP. The first one came from Adrian Colyer (I hope you all know his involvement in AspectJ, appreciate you Adrian) and clarifies the configuration of pathes used by AspectJ. Paraphrasing Adrian I can say that after reading I have three friends standing there [AspectJ] for me.
The second one published by Jon Tirsen can be considered one of the best examples of AOP appliance. I heard lots of voices screaming about the lack of real examples. Here you have one that will proove AOP can take the weight out of your shoulders: undo action. I place it on my hall of fame examples for AOP near the Swing constraint verifier published by Ramnivad Laddad in AspectJ in Action (Ramnivas your book rocks!).
Damn …. I almost forgot the third one (you know: there were once two friends: Foo, Bar and Baz). If you are trying to evaluate which AOP-way you go today (SIC), check the JBossAOP vs Aspectwerkz.
The future looks bright!


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  1. Anonymous

    I once posted a blog entry about a comparison between AspectJ and AspectWerkz.You might also want ot check it out:


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