Solving the FireFox Trick

Yesterday I’ve posted a question about a possible configuration for FireFox. I think I have found the solution for it. First of all I must tell you that the option is not available from a menu (Mozilla has it, check the previous post).
Oke. Let’s go. Open the browser and type in the Navigation bar: about:config. If you didn’t know this trick from Mozilla, this is the time to find out. Here you can access all the properties/configuration Mozilla/FireFox uses. Changing a value here will be taken into account immediately (this is also important, as you may change the preference.js, but you will be required to restart Mozilla/FireFox).
Here the important keys for solving the trick are:

  • browser.cache.disk.enable (true/false): enables/disables harddisk cache
  • network.http.use-cache (true/false): enables/disables html caching
  • browser.cache.check_doc_frequency (integer): configures the number of times after which the browser will check the cached page against the network page. Yupiii

Concluding: if you want that FireFox check the network page every time you access the corresponding URL set browser.cache.check_doc_frequency to 1.

Note: the explanations of key meanings are mine so if I am wrong please correct me.


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  1. InvisiBill

    The value of browser.cache.check_doc_frequency does not directly equal how often it compares the page. Here are the values the integers correspond to.

    3. The number in the “Value” column gives the setting…
    0 = Once per session
    1 = Each time
    2 = Never
    3 = Automatically

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