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Hmmmm… I got some kind of issue with FireFox 1.0PR. I am not able to find out how I can force it to revisit the page everytime I visit the URL. I am thinking of a solution: to set the cache on 0, put I guess this is not the one I am looking for. In Mozilla this is quiet simple: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache. But where is it in FireFox?

Update: As you may expect setting the cache to 0 is an option, but not the best. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: I am looking for an option “Revisit/Check page every time”. However thanks to Neel and Anonymous.



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5 responses to “FireFox trick

  1. Anonymous

    How about
    Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache?

  2. Neel Mukherjee

    On my Windows version of Firefox this would be

    Tools>Options>Privacy> The lower most item is “Cache”.

  3. Anonymous

    Why would you play with bowser cache setting do achieve this? That affects all sites through the browser, not just your page.

    How about pragma no-cache in the page itself? Or expires that is older than current date?

  4. Anonymous

    Hi: Try typing “about:config” into the address bar of Firefox. This will display all configurable options… I would use the Filter text box to look for settings that contain the word “cache” in their names then edit the following settings?


    Hope this helps

  5. the_mindstorm

    As you could see in the next day post I have presented this solution. Anyway, thank you.

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