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Joining source generators

Yesterday I have announced the first public release of dtoGen™. I thought I would create a list of other java source generators available (the next step would be to categorize them).
So here it is:

Even if it seems that dtoGen enrolled on a very covered field, I still believe that it can find its place. And this is not based on the fact that I am the author [blink/], but because of the freedom of definition allowed and also its consistency.


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FireFox trick

Hmmmm… I got some kind of issue with FireFox 1.0PR. I am not able to find out how I can force it to revisit the page everytime I visit the URL. I am thinking of a solution: to set the cache on 0, put I guess this is not the one I am looking for. In Mozilla this is quiet simple: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache. But where is it in FireFox?

Update: As you may expect setting the cache to 0 is an option, but not the best. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: I am looking for an option “Revisit/Check page every time”. However thanks to Neel and Anonymous.


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