Analysing class dependencies

I am looking for a tool to analyse the external dependencies of a set of classes. Here is a list of what I have found till now, but if you know others I will be happy to grow up the list:


Update: sometime later I will revisit this post and put some info about all the links (mines + those contributes – many thanks guys).



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4 responses to “Analysing class dependencies

  1. Anonymous

    You really have to try out the open xRadar project, it is just a collection of existing analysis plugins brought together in a very nice package with SVGs for modules, trends, metrics etc.

    Excellent for getting your thoughts straight before refactoring etc.

    Thomas Roka-Aardal,
    Conduct AS

  2. the_mindstorm

    Indeed from the 1st page it seems very interesting. Definitely I will give it a try (link: XRadar).

  3. Jonathan

    I’m pretty impressed with the (free) Creole plugin for Eclipse – lets you visualize dependencies between packages, classes, and methods. I get kind of nauseous with the animated zooms though (fortunately you can turn that off).

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