programming a cool language or programming to be cool

Wow! I am not working with a cool language. Damn it! My applications are not cool because I use a not-so-cool programming language (Java). My joy of everyday (and sometimes also night) job is gone. I must/will switch to a cool programming language. I think that I will join the guys which developed for 20 years in Cobol finding it very sexy. (don’t take me wrong Cobol guys, in my heart/mind I really appreciate your work).
I am astonished. Talking about a programming language/paradigm to be cool and/or sexy makes me really angry. I really think that some people should talk about having a programming job (I thought for a moment to write programming, but are too many guys pretending to be programmers when they are simple coders) to be cool/sexy (but this times I think are passed too) and not the other way around. I think that if you cannot find the coolness/sexiness in your application (in every piece of code your mind spits out) than maybe you will not be able to find this pleasure in another programming language (but I encourage you to continue to look for it).
Moreover, I have decided now to choose for my future applications the solution according to the coolest programming language poll. I will not design and write applications to best fit my customers, but to use the coolest programming language.

Back to reality. A programming language represents the means to create something cool/sexy. Your application must be cool (and not only from your point of view, but also from the point of view of your customer). Your code can be also your little piece of cool. If you cannot do this maybe there are other things you may want to do instead of programming.

Update: taking such a big decision I have forgot to place some references (they are able to change your life 🙂 ):
Does a tool need to be cool
Ho Hum Java
Java and coolness, a discussion


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