stand alone bug tracker

I have to manage about 5 or 6 small independent projects I am working on. As for any projects, mines have bugs too. So, I have asked for some lite, stand alone bug tracker system. After browsing to a couple of company sites I have found out that all available solutions are web based. I do not need this. I would like to have something very simple – Java is prefered 🙂 – using a direct connection to some embedded database. Is there something like this?

Update: I have found one: BugCollector Pro Defect Tracking Software for Windows. As you can see from its name it has only one drawback (guess!).



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3 responses to “stand alone bug tracker

  1. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it, but it is on my list todo.

  2. the_mindstorm

    Thanks Anonymous. I will take a look.

  3. Anonymous

    Here is another one –

    It is also being offered commercially, but I think it is free for use by less than 10 users.

    – Sonny

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