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My beloved Eclipse 3.0M9 plugins

I saw that there is some kind of trendy movement to publish the piece of software you like best and use on daily basis, so here there are the Eclipse plugins I use (in fact I’m writing them here to have the links to access them directly 🙂 ). – AspectJ and AJDT: I am a newbie in the aop but these tools help me a lot, and from their community I already learn very valuable ideas – SQLExplorer (former known as JFaceDbc 2.2.1) branched from original JFaceDbc (which got now to version 3.x) – XMLBuddy: no comment (the best in XML). I saw also but this one is not free [sigh/] – ImplementorsJava2HTML: i use it mainly for code reviewing in conjunction with Jupiter – Jagzilla: the plugin I have just patched (now is running really smooth – there can be done more improvement, so I hope I’ll have some more hours to put into it) – Profiler: use it from time to time (still I haven’t got the opportunity to test it under 3.0M9) – Jupiter: the best tool for code reviewing (I patched the last available version to work with 3.0M9, and from time to time I put some little time on fixing bugs) – Eclipse Wiki: I like very much the idea of Wiki, and a personal one is the best to keep my thoughts all together – CodeSugar: old buddy CodeSugar that gives you a nice and clean equals, hashCode, and some other methods implementation. – Colorer-take5 library a little more color in your Eclipse [smile/] – AT-Project: just got broken on my installation. Hope it will be back soon, as I put inside it a lot of my and my team stuff. If you have another you love please let me know.


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