Manageability quoting Rod Johnson

Manageability – Rod Johnson on J2EE Without EJB:
An interesting listing of EJB offerings and their utility:

  • Declarative Transactions: Good but not always appropiate.
  • Remoting: Best choice today for remoting.
  • Clustering:Entity and SFSB have weak implementations.SLSB clustering isn’t rocket science. Clustering more important on the web and database tier.
  • Thread Management:Locking entire bean instances is naive. Multi-threaded services without read/write instance variables make better sense (i.e. Servlets).
  • Instance Pooling:Doesn’t make sense with today’s more modern garbage collectors.
  • Resource Management:Not truly tied to the EJB container.
  • Security:Security requirements tend to be more complex than what EJB role-based security provides.
  • Business Object Management Use of JNDI unnecessarily complex.

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