Holiday plans

I’ve been in holiday for one week and a lot of plans have risen into my mind. I will present here shortly:

  • Eclipse CoNo plugin extension: to save notes files to a specified (per project) directory – this allows not to save the notes into cvs or to have to add lots of .cvsignore files
  • Eclipse Protocol plugin extension with javadoc tags: this will allow the same functionality as the original plugin, but will not force you to reformat the sources in order to take advantage of it
  • Aspectwerkz code digging
  • Aspectwerkz ajdoc implementation
  • Spring framework fullblown demo

I also intend to start and finish reading Hibernate in Action as I consider it one of the most interesting frameworks (and not just interesting, but very very usefull).

I think I have lots of plans for only one week left for my holiday.


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