debut [old post of mine :-)]

New times may require sometimes new actions. I am changing again my employer. Why? I think I did this for the future. I think I did this hoping to be different. ‘Being different’ suggested me to give a try also to blogging. What will be here? I’m not very sure yet, but I think it will be something with the smell of personal-professional thoughts. First of all, I work in the software industry, java software industry. Every day trying to be keep uptodate with the tons of new information. Every day finding/discovering something new. Every day trying to deal with time planning, trying to get the most from this day. How can you/must you organize your time to be able to successfully fulfill all the requirements and needs. This is what I think software industry is all about. Let’s imagine the following scenario on a daily basis: * get your tasks done * read the news (your prof-life depends on them). Try some blogs. * check some specs/docs to keep the brain cells uptodate * scan the mails coming from the main mail lists you are in * answer some forum questions to verify that your brain cells are still working * go home, enjoy your family * and last but not least … relax. A new day is coming. 🙂


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